Micro Solutions Enterprises: A Green Innovation

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When it comes to being a true entrepreneur, Yoel Wazana cannot be beat. He first opened up his huge company in Van Nuys, California sometime during 1994. Wazana began MSE as reseller in 1994 and by 1997 pivoted towards focusing on manufacturing.  He started out with a goal of producing 5,000 units a month. This switch ended up being exactly what the company needed as it broke even for the first time. Wazana’s strategy of guiding MSE towards creating a high quality OEM-alternative has paid off.

His company, known internationally as Micro Solutions Enterprises, has provided America with a manufacturing company that has an environmental vision. This environmental vision is to remanufacture toners and cartridges instead of letting them sit away in a landfill. This would be wasting precious space for the environment, and Yoel Wazana does not stand up for that.

Doing great things for the environment has always been one of Yoel Wazana’s biggest goals. As a part of his profession and his extraordinarily environmentally-friendly beliefs, Yoel Wazana is very concerned about the recycling of used cartridges. Unfortunately, cartridges which are not recycled end up in landfills, which means they take up a lot of the environment’s precious space. The plastic that covers cartridges can take at least 1,000 years to decay. When they decay, the leftover ink from these cartridges spill out into the earth and ultimately pollute the environment. This is toxic for both plants and animals.

As of 2012, Micro Solutions Enterprises has sold its products in over 40 international markets, all across the globe. Business has finally caught up with Micro Solutions Enterprise’s innovations since there has been a decisive shift towards low cost, high quality supplies. Micro Solutions Enterprises provides a true and environmentally friendly product for a number of consumers.

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Tips for High Quality Printing at Home or Work

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People across this country spend millions of dollars each year having pictures, personal and business documents, and other items professionally printed. What many people don’t know is that it’s very possible to get professional quality pictures and documents right at home or in the office. Yoel Wazana, CEO of Micro Solutions Enterprise, the largest producer of OEM-alternative printer cartridges, offers some tips on how to achieve printing success:

Picture Prints

If your goal is printing pictures, then there are things you need to consider before hitting print on your computer. It’s important to pay attention to the megapixels on your camera; the more megapixels your camera has, the better the quality of your picture is going to be. In fact, it is strongly suggested that you use a camera with at least 6 megapixels in order to obtain great print quality. In addition, remember to check the file type with which the picture is saved. While many pictures are saved with a .JPEG extension, a .TIFF extension is the best type for printing.

Pay Attention to the Paper

If you’re printing photos, you want to opt for a glossy or matte paper to give your photos a professional look. Glossy paper is best for vibrant pictures because of the several layers of material that absorb the ink; however, many professional photographers use matte paper so it’s almost always a safe choice. For printing business documents, cardstock is a great option. This paper is thicker than regular varieties and is perfect for making tags or posters. If you’re trying to create a more formal look for your document, linen paper is an elegant alternative. This paper has a nice texture and can be used for invitations or thank you notes.

Check Printer Settings

Many people don’t pay attention to the settings on their printers, but there are options that can improve the print quality of the documents. When looking for professional quality, you want to make sure that you are using the best resolution available for your printer. Keep in mind also that the type of paper that you choose will affect the way that your printer produces. Yoel Wazana also stresses the importance of toner. Make sure you are using toner that will give you vibrant and gleaming documents.

Why pay extra for something that you could do in house? With the right settings, toner, and paper, you too can create professional looking documents right at home or work.

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Put Your Green Foot Forward in 2014

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With 2013 quickly coming to a close, it’s time for business owners to come up with their New Year’s Resolutions. Company owners should put going green at the top of their lists because incorporating eco-friendly practices into the workplace has many benefits. Avi Wazana, CEO of Micro Solutions Enterprise, utilizes many green initiatives in his company and feels they contribute to a healthy work environment for employees and a reduction of excessive waste. Learn why you should take steps to make a greener company that positively impacts your staff and the world.

Conserve Natural Resources

One of the major reasons for going green is to help protect Mother Earth. By choosing eco-friendly options, you as a business owner should be looking to conserve natural resources, many of which cannot be replenished. This can be as simple as urging employees to turn the lights off in bathrooms, offices, and conference rooms that are not in use. You could even take it a step further by investing in alternative forms of energy (such as solar) or recycling programs.

Tax Breaks

The government is urging companies to keep sustainability in mind and is offering incentives for companies that follow through. The IRS and some individual states are now offering tax credits to companies that use solar and other green forms of energy. In some cases, these credits can be up to 30%. Further, the IRS offers businesses breaks if they use hybrids for their fleet vehicles.

Happier Work Environment

It has been reported that employees who work for green companies tend to be happier than those that don’t. Many feel that businesses that care about the environment tend to care about their employees too. For example, an environmentally-friendly company may use cleaning supplies that do not contain chemicals, which helps those who suffer from respiratory issues. Small steps like this go a long way with staff.

Cut Back on Waste

Companies throughout the world contribute to unnecessary garbage in landfills. To reduce your company’s footprint, consider asking employees to print less, which will cut back on the amount of paper being consumed and eventually thrown out. Led by CEO Avi Wazana, Micro Solutions Enterprises has recycled over 2 million toner cartridges and recycled close to 1.5 million pounds of material. 

Going green is a great New Year’s resolution for your company. It will create a happy work environment, save you money, and maybe even save the planet. What’s not to like?

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