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Yoel Wazana is the president and founder of Micro Solutions Enterprises. Wazana’s story is one that can only be described as uniquely American. MSE is also an immigration success story. Yoel Wazana was born in Israel and came to America seeking new opportunities. He has no formal engineering training and yet through determination and endless work, he has taken MSE from a one man operation run out of an apartment and transformed it into a manufacturing powerhouse that sells sophisticated products that are in high demand.

After a stint working as a delivery driver, Wazana’s curiosity about the printing business got the best of him and he decided that this was the route he wanted to take. After a few years of working as a production manager at a friend’s manufacturing start-up, Wazana went out on his own, deciding entrepreneurialism was the life for him. In 1994, MSE was born in his apartment, where he worked on devising remanufactured toner cartridges that would be just as good as brand new cartridges but at a better price.

As the years went on, Wazana and MSE built up gradually. They eventually turned a profit in the late 90s and have been a tremendous success story since. As of 2012, MSE employs over 900 people at its factory in California and ships its toner cartridges to over 40 international markets all over the world.

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