Getting your Products out There: The Work behind the Scenes

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The final product is what the consumer sees. However, only a business owner and their staff know that reaching that point has been a process in and of itself. While a consumer may marvel over the spectacular new packaging or a brand new product line, there are many stages before this point is reached. Companies, such as Yoel Wazana’s Micro Solutions Enterprises, are constantly reviewing these behind the scenes processes in order to improve upon their current products. Businesses may even create new product lines while trying to improve an offering.  

What are some of the behind the scenes processes and why are they so important? These two questions may occur to you when first looking to improve upon your existing product. Please note, though, that every company is unique and the processes below may not fit all industries. Explore the options you feel will best suit your specific situation.

The Concept

The raw idea is the starting point from which everything is launched. This is the stage where you want to gather a group of trusted advisors and staff and brainstorm. As you did in school, do not throw out any ideas right now. Just write them down in order to keep the creative juices flowing. You will have the opportunity in the future to go through the list and narrow it down to the one idea you want to focus on at the moment.

Return on Investment

Consider your return on investment as you narrow down your list. You want to make sure that whatever product you create is going to yield a worthwhile profit and increase the visibility of your company within the industry and beyond.


Once you settle on a few ideas that you are seriously considering, screen them. This is the time to find out whether or not your idea is worth following through on. Once you are done screening, follow up on the product that appears to have the greatest possibility for becoming profitable.


Create a prototype fit for more testing. Focus these tests on marketability and reliability. Get feedback and work to improve the product where needed.

Complete the Cycle

Once the final product is complete, launch it with full gusto. You want your clients to be as excited about this new product or service as you are. Create a marketing campaign specifically designed for this product and promote it through the channels where it will have the greatest impact.  

You may also want to consider taking things a step further and seeing if you can patent the product or technology, as MSE founder Yoel Wazana has done with his remanufactured toner cartridges.






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