Micro Solutions Enterprises: A Green Innovation

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When it comes to being a true entrepreneur, Yoel Wazana cannot be beat. He first opened up his huge company in Van Nuys, California sometime during 1994. Wazana began MSE as reseller in 1994 and by 1997 pivoted towards focusing on manufacturing.  He started out with a goal of producing 5,000 units a month. This switch ended up being exactly what the company needed as it broke even for the first time. Wazana’s strategy of guiding MSE towards creating a high quality OEM-alternative has paid off.

His company, known internationally as Micro Solutions Enterprises, has provided America with a manufacturing company that has an environmental vision. This environmental vision is to remanufacture toners and cartridges instead of letting them sit away in a landfill. This would be wasting precious space for the environment, and Yoel Wazana does not stand up for that.

Doing great things for the environment has always been one of Yoel Wazana’s biggest goals. As a part of his profession and his extraordinarily environmentally-friendly beliefs, Yoel Wazana is very concerned about the recycling of used cartridges. Unfortunately, cartridges which are not recycled end up in landfills, which means they take up a lot of the environment’s precious space. The plastic that covers cartridges can take at least 1,000 years to decay. When they decay, the leftover ink from these cartridges spill out into the earth and ultimately pollute the environment. This is toxic for both plants and animals.

As of 2012, Micro Solutions Enterprises has sold its products in over 40 international markets, all across the globe. Business has finally caught up with Micro Solutions Enterprise’s innovations since there has been a decisive shift towards low cost, high quality supplies. Micro Solutions Enterprises provides a true and environmentally friendly product for a number of consumers.

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