The Human Side of Business

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There are two sides to every business story. The first side consists of the products and services that a company offers its patrons, and the second is the human side. While much of a company’s attention will be focused on their products and services to ensure success, it is also important that they pay attention to the human element. By keeping your workforce happy, you will see a positive impact on your clients as your workers will provide better customer service. By engaging in some kind of charity or sponsorship (tech company MSE sponsored a local soccer team, for example), you can impress the entire community in addition to your workers.

The Workforce

The human side of business can be further split into two separate categories to include your workforce and customers. For many businesses, workers can be the most critical element, as happy employees lead to happy customers. When trying to figure out what will make your workers happier and more productive, there are a few things you can do.

  • Set aside time on a regular basis to talk to your workers. Ask them what changes should be made or if anything needs to be updated. The most crucial element of these meetings is listening to the people, so make sure you are actively participating in the conversation (even if only with a nod and an “I understand”). Don’t look bored and DON’T check your phone! If they feel you are taking care of them, employees are more likely to work hard for you.
  • Create a healthy environment. Make sure that your office is cleaned regularly. If possible, create green spaces where they can work or get some fresh air.
  • Think about allowing them to telecommute. This option may not work for all companies but, if possible, consider allowing employees to work from home. You will allow them to avoid the stress of commuting and help the planet at the same time!

The Customers

The second side of the human impact focuses on customers. All companies rely on their customer base to thrive and survive. Take a few minutes to listen to their concerns and apply them to your company.

  • Suggestion boxes are a great way for customers to voice their opinions without feeling intimidated. Place one in a convenient location and check it regularly.
  • Read and follow up on online customer reviews.

Keeping the human side of your business in mind is important. Take care of your people and your clients. Listen to them and watch how it impacts the future of your company.

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